If you’ve never used it before, Adobe Lightroom is a powerful photo editing tool that lets you tweak and tune your images before you do any kind of manipulation in Photoshop. You can adjust colors, settings, and more, and once you have a system, you can apply it to batches of images at a time, quickly and easily. Basically, it’s a cool tool for both professional photographers and aspiring Instagram models, as well.

But the magic really comes alive with presets. You can learn more on How Lightroom Presets Can Make Your Photos Simply Stunning These are kits that you can either create or purchase that apply a specific set of filters to your image. Sometimes it’s adjusting the saturation, other times its sharpness, colors, and tones. There are thousands of options out there. You just have to know where to look and how to install the kits.

Fortunately, we’ve got that covered. Let’s take a moment to walk you through the process of first finding a preset, then installing it, and finally, using it on your images. Don’t worry, it’s super easy.

Step 1: Get a preset

Now obviously there are a lot of places where you can get preset, but you’re already here, so why not check out some of the cool ones here at Creative Market? It’s easy to find: Go to handy link. That’ll take you there, easy.

For the purposes of this article, I picked up The Essential Lightroom Presets Pack by Aesthetic Art & Design. At $21 it was right in my wheelhouse, and I like the aesthetic that the kit offers. Plus, it works with Adobe CC, which is what we’re working with for this article.

The Essential Lightroom Presets Pack
The Essential Lightroom Presets Pack

Step 2: Installation

The obvious first part here is to open up Lightroom. Second, navigate to the menu bar and go to Edit > Preferences. On a Mac, it’s under Lightroom > Preferences.

Next, a pop-up window will appear, and that’s where you’ll see a series of tabs at the top of the screen. Choose Presets, and look toward the middle of the window. See that one that says Develop Presets? Click that.

Now a folder will appear on your screen, and it’s the one where you’re going to put your new presets. Just drag or copy them into the folder, and you’re good.

Shut down Lightroom and then fire it back up, and you’re ready to use your new presets.

Step 3: Use the presets

The process starts by going into the Develop tab in Lightroom. Then, on the left-hand side (yours might look different if you’ve played around with your layout), is the Presets field. Inside there you’ll find all of the presets you imported. In this case, my Essential Lightroom Presets Pack has quite a few options.

How do you put them into action? Just click on one of them and you’re good. The preview will show right away, and you can continue to experiment to your heart’s content.

Once you’re all done, just save the file per normal and you’re done. Seriously, it’s that easy.


Lightroom is underrated to some people. I know I leaned heavily on Photoshop over Lightroom for my photo processing for years, but once you play around with it a bit more, you’ll realize that Lightroom has a lot to offer. It’s not the perfect program, and there’s definitely a learning curve. But fortunately, working with presets is one of the easier things you’ll do.

Now get out there and start making some photos better!


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