An image can say a thousand words. An animated image can be even more effective. The following 20 Photoshop Animation Video tutorials explain how to add some cool animation effects to your images. It’s time to get started with your first Photoshop cartoon!

20 Photoshop Animation Video Tutorials

We have gathered the 20 most amazing Photoshop Animation Video Tutorials that you will love and whether you are a beginner or professional photoshop user you will certainly learn something new from this video tutorials.

How To Animate a Still Photo Like a Plotagraph

Have some fun creating a Plotagraph, i.e. a motion picture effect similar to Cinemagraphs, but it’s created from a single still image, rather than a video clip.

How To Animate Your Photos

Learn how to animate your photos and create a little bit more interesting piece of art.

How To Do Handwriting Animation

Use a mask and a path to complete this self-writing type effect in After Effects.

How to Create a Frame Animation

The tutorial shows how to make a Frame Animation in Photoshop. Start off by making a selection using the Pen tool. Next, open up the Timeline and go to Frame Animation. Then, put images into the order you want, and play the animation.

Master Animated Glitch Effect With 5 Glitch Effects

Learn how to create 5 animated glitch effects from scratch using timeline in Photoshop based on Smart Objects.

How to Create a Cinemagraph Animation

This is how to create animation with the use of Photoshop CC. Learn how to give motion to clouds and water in Photoshop.

How to Make A Simple Looping Animation

Explaining the basics of simple animating in Photoshop, plus applying those basics to creating an animated banner.

How To Create a Scrolling Website Animation

Learn how to make a website scroll in your image inside Photoshop, then export it to a GIF or Video for Instagram.

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Website Scroll Animation for Instagram Stories

This is how to create a phone sized website animation In Photoshop to upload for your stories.

Create a GIF in Photoshop in Less than 5 Minutes

An easy way to create an animated image using Photoshop. How to export to .gif and video format for Instagram.

Web banner tutorial | Photoshop Tutorial | Creating an Animated GIF

This video tutorial is all about how to make a Web Banner design using Adobe Photoshop CS6.

Animated Crack Kit Photo Crack Animation

Create Animated Crack Kit Photo Crack Animation in Photoshop CS6, the most expensive and Trended photo effect. You will do some settings and styles to make the output image more stylish.

How to Create a Glitch Effect Animation

Learn how to create animated glitch effect in Photoshop. This glitch effect animation can be used for video opening/bumpers or movie transitions.

How to Make a GIF Animation from Video

Check out one of the easiest ways to make an animated GIF from Video. Important: this way to make a GIF animation was tested only on Photoshop CC Extended version.

How To Make Frame Animation

A quick tutorial for frame by frame animation in photoshop. This is not a beginner’s tutorial, it doesn’t go over the basic techniques in Photoshop. Though, more advanced animators will find it useful.


We have already seen a video on how to create NEON texts in Photoshop. Now, let’s see how to make Text Animated in Photoshop cs6.

How To Make Color Transition Animation

Create color animation in photoshop. First, create an Action, to apply hue color to multiple images. Then, create frame by frame animation in the timeline.

Game Design Character Animation

Learn how to make this quick character animal design in Photoshop and animate it. This is a full in-depth tutorial on how to do game design and game art.

How To Create Stunning Sand Dust Explosion Animation

Create Stunning Sand Dust Explosion Animation in Photoshop CS6 Extended while managing some settings and styles to make it more stylish.

How to Add Snow Effect Animation to Picture

Photoshop tutorial How to Add Snow Effect Animation to Picture using timeline in Photoshop CC.


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