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As the old year ends, starting with new and fresh energy the new year is of massive importance. That’s why I decided that the best way to celebrate the new beginning that the new year will bring, was to create an All Comprising Creator’s Bundle that is not just that, is an opportunity to get new collections forever for no extra purchase. That’s right, the bundle will be updated and you will get the new updates as soon as they are up. PLEASE NOTE: Not ALL future collections will be included in this bundle. There will be collections that will not go in any bundle and they will be sold as stand-alone items. That doesn’t mean you will not get updates forever as the titles say. The bundle will be updated with new collections just not with all that I create!

This bundle contains 47 collections and more to be added. To see the collections included just check the slides. If you wish to check out the products all you need to do is visit my shop profile and check out each of them individually. The bundle is variated and it contains mockups, tons of graphics, textures, creators, etc.


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