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Introducing: AGATE – a custom Web Design or Blog Design kit. Created for keen DIYers who have some experience in building basic websites, (or are willing to give it a go!) but want a professional, custom and unique design!

This kit contains sets of website graphics made in Canva, so they’re incredebly easy (and free) to edit, you don’t need any fancy software! If you’ve never used Canva before, don’t worry, with your purchase I’ve included a complete video tutorial on how to use Canva and edit your graphics.

You can edit anything on these designs: images, fonts, colors & layout! I give you the bones and the ideas, but you have complete creative freedom.


  • Plan out your layout before you start designing! You can use the example layout I have provided in my instructions, or something completely different, but having an idea of where you are going to put things before you start will make the design process much smoother.
  • You can use graphics more than once on your website! For example, you could create a few different variations of the same banner for different pages on your website. Or, you could use the same button, just switch out the image and text.
  • Have a logo, color palette, and an idea of what sort of images you want to use before you start! This will ensure your designs are super cohesive and professional.
  • Read the PDF instructions carefully and watch the video tutorial before you dive right in (there’s some really important information in there!)


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