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About the Product

The Auburn Brand Sheets are a series of 24 individually designed branding template sheets designed in both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Indesign

You can customize everything – including the logo, or drop in your own logo design. You could even customize one of the logos from our Auburn Logo pack and drop that in! 😉

What is a Brand Sheet?

Also known as Brand ‘One Sheet’ or Style Sheet, the brand sheets are a way to present the key elements of your brand identity on a single page. The brand sheet projects a company’s identity and defines how your clients, customers and partners view that business.

The Auburn Brand Sheets are ideal for presenting branding or logo concepts to a client or as a really effective way of​ promoting your latest branding projects online. The templates are long and the dimensions are perfect for Instagram stories and Pinterest. It’s also a fantastic way to add value to a brand guidelines project.

The Auburn Brand Sheets include; Logo and Sub-Marks, Colors, Typography, Mood, Digital (Phone and Ipad), Instagram, Business Cards, Letterheads, Swing Tags, Shopping Bags and more!

What can I customize in these templates?

Everything is fully customizable.

  • The template includes editable placeholder Logos and Sub-Marks.
  • The fonts and colors can be changed to suit your brand
  • The Business Cards, Letterheads, and Invites are all saved as separate, linked, and editable files.
  • The Apple products are drawn as shapes so you can change the color of devices. You can even change the Instagram​ bio text and profile pic!

How to use it

Open the template in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Indesign and replace the content with your own. Either send it to print, save it as a pdf and email it to the client or save it as a jpg and upload it to your social media.


  • 1080 x 1920px
  • 24 Sheets
  • Compatible with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Indesign CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6 and CC
  • Includes.IDML file
  • Paragraph, Character and Object Styles
  • Edit brand colors through palette  
  • Images, Text, and Background on separate layers
  • Uses free fonts
  • Help File
  • Photographs Not Included


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