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Hackney is entirely hand-painted sans serif. A raw, bold, condensed font, with brushy imperfections and an earthy realism.

SVG fonts or colours fonts are a great new format, which makes it possible to add loads of detail and texture not possible before. Hackney SVG keeps all the incredible definition of the real painted strokes as a transparent texture, so it gives you a proper hand-painted effect, without you having to do anything (or go near paint). SVG fonts work just like normal fonts, but allow so much more customisation and look hyper-real. They can be used in any colour and on any background.

Hackney is an all caps font, with two alternatives for every letter, to maintain the custom made look, without obvious doubles. It includes ALL European language support.

Hackney Font collection is designed to be an incredibly accessible hand painted font.
It includes three versions of the font to suit everyone’s situation. (see screenshot 11)

1) Hackney SVG – Super realistic brush painted font (A drawn height of roughly 800 pixels)*

2) Hackney TTF – Traditional vector version of the font, less detail than the SVG but a great rugged counterpart that works universally on all software.

3) Hackney PNG – Incredibly high-resolution files of every glyph (3,000 x 5,000), for people who want to use the font on a very large scale.

4) Extra Painted Strokes PNG – 50 hand-painted strokes for you to design with.


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