You’ve probably heard about WordPress before, in particular about its being the best platform for any type of the website. Initially, this CMS has been focused exclusively on blog layouts, so it takes into account all the requirements the vast majority of bloggers may have. The first-timers won’t find a better solution than a Free WordPress blog themes, as they are easy to deal with and fast to customize. Isn’t it a true pleasure having your blog established on a WordPress blog theme?

23 Free WordPress Blog Themes for 2018 Pin Post
23 Free WordPress Blog Themes for 2018

Free WordPress Blog Themes

Are you one of those creative, however, little shy people, who have been thinking about launching their own blog for a long time already, but are still sitting on the fence? Sharing your thoughts, hobbies or skills with the others may seem challenging, but it is not so scary as you might think.

Especially if the heaven rained the best free WordPress themes for you as a sign – the time has finally come. In this article, we have managed to make a brilliant collection of the WordPress blog themes, which will definitely become the perfect choice for your blog.

23 Free WordPress Blog Themes for 2018

These blog themes from our collection 2018 are optimized for search engines, as we realize the crucial importance of SEO-optimization, so you don’t have to hire an SEO expert to make sure your content is confidently indexed. Everything you need will already be at hand. No matter what type of blog you would like to have – personal or corporate one, a subject you have chosen – travel, cooking, fashion or modern technology.

1. Monstroid 2 Lite – free WordPress theme

Monstroid 2 Lite – free WordPress theme

Being highly professional and immensely wonderful WordPress theme, however, absolutely free to use (how crazy this may sound), Monstroid 2 Lite fits perfectly for almost any kind of blog. It is well-structured due to its clean, first-class code, written in accordance with the latest norms and standards. Undertake the full control over your website customization using a brilliant pack of tools and instruments the theme possesses.

Page building is as easy as apple pie since the theme is equipped with the special Live Customizer – all the modifications are viewed in a live mode, so you do not have to carry out a constant reloading while making changes to your theme design. Operating under GLP license, Monstroid 2 Lite ensures total freedom for your imagination and creativeness in terms of website structuring. Packed with the handy features, it is one of those free blogger themes, which are definitely worth trying. Just check a demo.

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2. Travelop lite – Travel photo blog

Travelop_lite – Travel photo blog

For those, living out of the suitcases and not imagining their lives without sharing interesting travel stories, photos, and facts with the other, there is an outstanding though free minimalistic wordpress theme Travelop lite. It features easy customization, intuitive interface and a nice photo gallery to showcase your travel pictures. Travelop lite’s astonishing design looks marvelously on any screen and features smart and simple logistic for your visitors to feel comfortable while surfing your blog page.

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3. Adveland Amusement Park

Adveland Amusement Park

One of the brightest and most elegant free blog themes of our collection. Dealing with it doesn’t require a single line of code writing. Installed just in a few minutes, Adveland Amusement Park features a brilliant built-in library of the layouts, which you can easily use to create a unique structure for your website pages. Each element of the theme is carefully crafted with an immense love, composing a perfect picture of sleek and modern design. The theme is fully mobile-friendly and has an option of a free online store, which can be added just in a few clicks! 

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4. PetInn – Responsive Animals & Pets Charity

PetInn - Responsive Animals & Pets Charity
PetInn – Responsive Animals & Pets Charity

This theme has been crafted specially to melt everyone’s heart. It meets all the requirements for the animal shelter website and will serve as an unmatched tool to help a lot of animals to find their sweet home. Being extremely easy to install using drag-and-drop menu, PetInn features blog plugin to share the news and thought, decent photo gallery options, convenient contact form as well as subscription and search layouts to keep your followers updated. All these modules make PetInn one of the best WordPress themes for blogs.

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5. GRIMM lite – Game Development Studio

GRIMM lite - Game Development Studio
GRIMM lite – Game Development Studio

Sleek and elegant wordpress theme GRIMM lite will definitely impress you with its functionality and efficient design. Crafted exclusively for small and medium game development studios, it is extremely helpful in business promotion. GRIMM lite is fully responsive wordpress free theme, staffed with useful modules. Master your projects, arrange appointments, showcase services and, what is the most important, run a wonderful blog, keeping your followers interested and satisfied. The theme is fully supported by the documentation, guiding you to your dream website.  

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6. Spellolite – Language School

Spellolite – Language School

Among all the best WordPress blog themes, Spellolite is a real bargain, as it represents a true language learning system. If you plan to create your own educational website or blog, there is no better option. The theme features easy installation and does not require programming skills. Amazing Google web fonts will make your pages look gorgeous and multiple widgets will help to craft the top-notch educational resource, offering teacher and student profiles, tests, quizzes, and even an online planner! In addition to this wonderful array, it owns WooCommerce integration to perform commercial operations directly via the website. 

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7. Iridescent – Wedding Album Lite Free

Iridescent – Wedding Album Lite Free

Extremely sentimental though beautiful theme Iridescent will become a perfect catch for those, who can’t help sharing their love story with the others. Theme design is easily customizable via numerous configuration options. Layout array turns out to be more than satisfactory – experiment with it to make your webpage structure unique and convenient to navigate. Your romantic content can be brilliantly presented using stylish buttons, sliders, contact forms, images and more. Iridescent features a plethora of custom widgets, enriching your theme with the additional efficiency and functionality. No matter what device or screen resolution you prefer, this free WordPress blog will look gorgeous on any of them.

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8. MalcolmY – Freelance Designer Personal Portfolio Lite Free

MalcolmY - Freelance Designer Personal Portfolio Lite Free
MalcolmY – Freelance Designer Personal Portfolio Lite Free

Flexible Power Builder this theme can boast of, will help craft your dream blog without writing a single line of code. Thanks to its sleek and minimalistic design, MalcolmY is definitely one of these free themes for WordPress every single designer has always been dreaming to find, as it features a nice collection of the layouts to structure your website, as well as a wide range of modules to make it logic and easy to navigate. Cherry Sidebars plugins are also provided – they can be added to your layouts in just a few simple steps, and, what is the most important, absolutely for free. The experienced designers would highly appreciate the custom widgets, which would help to ensure close communication with the followers and to properly display your page content.

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9. FreeBook – Free One-Page WordPress Theme

FreeBook - Free One-Page WordPress Theme
FreeBook – Free One-Page WordPress Theme

Presentation of the digital books for sale is what matters a lot in case it is your business and you want to take a good advantage of it. However, it is hard to make it without the well-structured and nicely looking landing page, which designed to steal the show and attract a lot of potential buyers. FreeBook theme is one of those free blog templates, which cannot go unnoticed. Its splendid design can serve for the numerous purposes, as it can be easily modified by a set of amazing tools kindly included in the theme package. Thanks to the great number of layouts, you will definitely find how to express unique mood and spirit of your brand. You neither have to be a programmer to edit the pages nor a SEO-expert to boost its popularity, as FreeBook theme has been built-up SEO-friendly.

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10. Calio – Therapy & Counselling WordPress Theme

Calio - Therapy & Counselling WordPress Theme
Calio – Therapy & Counselling WordPress Theme

This Psychologist WordPress theme will amaze you with great design and high level of responsiveness. Simple in terms of customization, Calio will let you feel freedom in structuring and designing of your unique and atmospheric website. A nice pack of modules and elements is of the strategic importance, as it will enrich your page with interactivity and ensure a proper level of the online presence. The function of the multilingual support is crucial when it comes to audience targeting matters – spread the information about your business around the globe to increase the number of your potential clients. Team Members section is carefully crafted to reflect detailed information about your staff. Testimonials section serves to showcase your clients’ reviews. Be on top of your business with Calio.

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11. Mia Ittalloni – Free WordPress Restaurant Theme

Mia Ittalloni - Free WordPress Restaurant Theme
Mia Ittalloni – Free WordPress Restaurant Theme

“Ciao, bella” – this highly functional wordpress theme is imbued with the Italian spirit. The aroma of fresh-baked pizza starts flying around just after you open Mia Ittalloni up. It has been crafted to present the food-related projects such as restaurants, any type of cuisine, culinary school, bars, cafes and, of course, recipes blog. Your audience will be impressed with an extremely gorgeous design and easy navigation it features. Mia Ittalloni is simple in editing – just drag and drop elements to make you dreamlike website. A multiple choice of layouts and various modules break any limits of your fantasy and imagination. Mia Ittalloni is an impeccable harmony of beauty and quality.

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12. Catwalk – Fashion Modeling Agency Responsive WordPress Theme

Catwalk - Fashion Modeling Agency Responsive WordPress Theme
Catwalk – Fashion Modeling Agency Responsive WordPress Theme

Create stunning fashion website with the exquisite wordpress theme Catwalk. Designed to demonstrate the beauty and talent your model agency sheds, it cannot be matched for any other fashion blog template. Cherry Projects portfolio is just perfect for reflecting the elegance and the delicate taste. WordPress Live Customizer will help to customize Catwalk to meet your every single desire. The function of Power page builder is ensured especially for you to feel a real programmer creating the unique and stylish web page without writing a single line of code! Keep your followers updated to the all latest news and fashion trends, share your thoughts in a thematic blog and make sure Catwalk theme is a new back.

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13. Bitunit Lite – Bitcoin Free

Bitunit Lite - Bitcoin Free
Bitunit Lite – Bitcoin Free

Revolution on money digitization has already hit the world. Meet the Bitcoin theme – a flawless platform to carry out bitcoin sell/buy operations. Owning a full set of crucial modules and a fabulous functionality Bitunit Lite was carefully crafted to boost your bitcoin business. Featuring a leading-edge Elementor, which possesses advanced capabilities of a traditional drag-and-drop menu for no-code page building, Bitunit Lite is one of those free wp themes, crafted to meet the fast-growing demands of the modern business people.

I can’t help but mention the set of 15 topical images kindly provided together with the theme package. Due to its high responsiveness, the theme looks brilliant at the screens of any size and resolution. Choose the sleek and minimalistic Bitunit Lite to launch a highly-professional bitcoin website.

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14. Energico – Agriculture & Garden Care Responsive WordPress Theme

Energico - Agriculture & Garden Care Responsive WordPress Theme
Energico – Agriculture & Garden Care Responsive WordPress Theme

Energico template will charm you with its magnificent design and a decent set of multiple functions. Crafted to meet the needs of the passionate gardeners, Energico is licensed under GPLv3, ensuring more than 500 Google fonts to choose from to perform the top-notch customization and to successfully present your brand mood. Looking good on any type of modern screens, this landscape free WordPress theme can boast of a rich pack of custom widgets as well as the exquisite blog layouts to make your website look unique and professional. Energico features all the necessary documentation and a full SEO support to help your website stand out from the others in the Google search.

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15. Melissa – Art & Photography & Photographer Portfolio

Melissa - Art & Photography & Photographer Portfolio
Melissa – Art & Photography & Photographer Portfolio

A pure beauty is hidden in this free wp template. Fully responsive and created by the gifted developers, Melissa is an irreproachable choice if you are planning to showcase your photo works to the world. The gorgeous photo gallery is not the only advantage the template features. You will definitely value the unique functionality of this theme, ensured by the diverse widgets, which will help to enrich your page and to provide a stronger online presence. Melissa is one of those top free WordPress themes, offering perfect content display and a ravishing black and white minimalist design. Build astonishing website pages with Power page builder and amaze your visitors with a brilliantly created website.

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16. Pilates Center – Sports, Fitness & Yoga

Pilates Center - Sports, Fitness & Yoga
Pilates Center – Sports, Fitness & Yoga

A summer is coming and it is high time to get a new efficient web tool to promote your fitness and yoga services. Simple and clean it steals the show and stands out from the other sports webpages. Pilates Center template is developed on the basis of Cherry Framework 5, which enriches it with the handy functions and smart page-composing tools. Power page builder does all the code work for you, offering best page scenarios to make your new site look gorgeous. The theme is provided with the array of user-friendly functions for your visitors to feel comfortable and cared about – appointment manager is created exclusively for direct appointment booking directly via the website. Parallax scrolling animation will make your site background look outstanding and will definitely amaze your visitors with its high-quality resolution.

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17. Cherry Framework Free WordPress Theme

If you are longing for some fresh web solutions, Cherry Framework is one of them. Easy customizable and packed with a plethora of the useful widgets, it is brilliant for blogs, information or corporate websites. Intuitive navigation and nicely-looking, creative layouts will turn the configuring process into a true pleasure. The documentation for quick set up and functioning is also kindly provided, so you can follow it to avoid confusion. Use the Testimonials option to display the fair reviews of your clients and don’t forget to boast of your achievements, reflected in the Achieves section. Contact form for reaching you directly through the site is also ensured – it is nice opportunity not to miss any single client. 

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18. Free WordPress Theme for Consulting Firm

Free WordPress Theme for Consulting Firm
Free WordPress Theme for Consulting Firm

A vast functionality of your website will surprise the visitors, if you use this template for its creation. Ingenious and sleek design provides the full understanding about the services you offer and is to become a highly efficient tool for business presenting. Stylish white and blue palette the theme owns is perfect for any kind of activities – education, politics, industry and many more. A well-structured content is easily reached by a smart layout solution. Customization is intuitive and logic, so you will spend just a few minutes to establish your dreamlike website. The outstanding slider ensures a handy function of image sharing, which will make your page even more attractive.

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19. Photographer Portfolio Free WordPress Theme

Photographer Portfolio Free WordPress Theme
Photographer Portfolio Free WordPress Theme

Share the immense beauty of your masterpieces with the world using Photographer Portfolio Free WordPress Theme! Customization is ridiculously fast and simple and the function of Power page builder, kindly provided by the caring programmers, can work miracles with your page structuring. The option of galleries is crucial for the webpage like this – be sure the given template has taken it into considerations in order to make your photographic works look gorgeous. This theme is great on any of the existing screens as it is highly responsive and features a fabulous design.

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20. Stock Photo Responsive WordPress Theme

Stock Photo Responsive WordPress Theme
Stock Photo Responsive WordPress Theme

This simple and easy to use wp theme will help you to build nice and efficient photo blog, CV or portfolio. Its responsiveness and elegant design makes this template one of the best free WordPress blog themes ever. Carefully crafted multiple layouts allow carrying out a successful adjustment of the web page to any project you may like to present. Uncluttered design, user-friendly widgets and well-structured interface this theme possesses cannot go unnoticed by the fans of photo and visual resources. The one may say it is too simple and flat for a decent website, but we believe that everything genial is simple.

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21. Globaly – Full Cycle Business Management & Consulting Responsive

Globaly - Full Cycle Business Management & Consulting Responsive
Globaly – Full Cycle Business Management & Consulting Responsive

All kidding aside – it’s time for serious business issues. The well-documented and highly-responsive wp theme Globaly is dedicated to serve business needs. It features an already mentioned Cherry Framework 5, ensuring such crucial options for this type of website as team member plugin, services description, testimonials and more to attract a great number of the loyal visitors and potential clients to your website. In terms of a design, Globaly is on the roll – elegantly crafted elements will become a perfect framework for any content you would like to share. Use the function of Customizer to configure the pages of your future website in a live mode and take advantage of Parallax scrolling animation to make your site interactive and vivid.

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22. Easy WordPress Theme

Easy WordPress Theme
Easy WordPress Theme

Good themes are easy-to-deal-with themes. It is our principle we never betray. In this case the template title speaks for itself – Easy WordPress template is extremely simple in terms of customization, which is performed with the brilliant function of Power page builder, so the coding skills aren’t required at all! Template design is sleek and elegant – you can adjust it to almost any project you are currently implementing. Seo-optimization has been kindly provided as a default option for your website to be easy to find by the Google search. Everything is done for you – just put your content and see how the popularity of your brand increases with every single day!

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23. Talking Business – Conference Free WordPress Theme

Talking Business - Conference Free WordPress Theme
Talking Business – Conference Free WordPress Theme

Organizing any conference or business event? Talking Business – Conference Free WordPress Theme is here to help you in this challenging task! Clean design and highly responsive interface of this template are crafted specially for you to establish a nicely-looking and efficient web page just in a couple of clicks! Configure the ready-made layouts via Power Page Builder and take advantage of a rich UI set. The theme features booking form for your visitors to schedule an appointment directly through the website. Personal blog will serve a good deal in generating leads and keeping them updated about future events. Subscription for newsletter option is also kindly provided.

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When it comes to the best WordPress themes free set up is an essential option, as it gives a possibility for a small business to represent itself online without bearing additional expenses. These templates have been created with the aim to support small and middle companies providing them with the outstanding website, fully functional and impressively good-looking. Customize color palette, fonts, logo, menu placement using powerful and easy-to-use WordPress customizer. The documentation with step-by-step instruction is kindly provided by the theme developers. PowerPress comes as a translation-ready template, so the only thing you have to do is to make it look like you have always been dreaming of – the rest stuff has been done instead of you. 


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