Best Free WordPress Quiz Plugins 2019

The best way to drive the traffic to your website is quizzes. If you want your reader to spend more time on your website and be engaged with it, quizzes are the best option. Articles that provoke the user to submit their inputs/opinions are more likely to get higher social share count in comparison with content-based articles.

WordPress Quiz Plugins

It is a time involving process to include quizzes into your website, it takes much of your effort and hard work but to help you out, there are many WordPress Quiz Plugins. This makes the viewers of your website to stay longer into it. If you use WordPress plugins then all you need to do is frame the questions and the rest , like collection of answers, publishing of results and scores is done by the plugins itself.

With the help of these plugins, work becomes easier as the management and creation of quizzes are simplified. Quizzes/polls are no doubt the best social share booster and the best way to obtain the feedback on your website. Also when the users are involved in quizzes, the bounce rate is also reduced.

WP Quiz

WP Quiz Plugin
WP Quiz

This plugin helps you in creating one or more than quizzes. It helps you drive your social media fans to your website and provides the users with multiple choice questions and continues until the results are generated. You can easily customize and work very smoothly with the plugin to create engaging, enticing and beautiful looking quizzes.

Images and videos can also be included in the quizzes to make the quiz more interesting. It comes packed with one click installation feature. The next questions of the quiz are automatically scrolled and also the quizzes are displayed with social share options which boost the social signals of your website. You can embed an quiz anywhere on your site with the help of shortcodes.

Pros and Cons:

  • Create and manage quizzes seamlessly from the WP admin panel
  • Use shortcodes to embed quizzes anywhere it is supported
  • The user is trapped into your funnel and ends the session by sharing the results on social media with the sharing buttons
  • The user slides automatically to the next question
  • Sharing results option to promote social shares
  • Add media to support your questions
  • Custom fonts, colors and tons of customization along with pre-designed templates for quizzes.
  • The pro version of this plugin includes swiper quizzes into it and many more interesting features.
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Quiz Cat

Quiz Cat Plugin
Quiz Cat

This is one of the best WordPress quiz plugins as it makes you get the desired results. It promotes user engagement on your website and also offers to share and send email to a friend option. The Quiz plugin also has great customization features like it adds headlines, images, and also an attractive ‘Start Quiz’ button. At the end of the questionnaire, the score of the viewers is displayed. You can also change the order of questions to randomize the sequence and avoid bots answering questions.

Pros and Cons:

  • Create and manage interactive quizzes and demonstrate them creatively on your website
  • Add quiz anywhere in your posts, pages or custom post types with shortcodes
  • Start the quiz flow with a Start button and take the user to the results screen and ask him to share it on social media profile
  • You can also add/edit the content of quizzes through the front-end builder.
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MTouch Quiz

MTouch Quiz Plugin
MTouch Quiz

This plugin is made for touch screen devices and it is user-friendly. It lets you add an entire exam on your website. The quiz options are limited as it supports only MCQ based quiz. However, the questions appear creatively in random orders always. You can also add hints or explanations for your readers to educate them along with the questionnaire. Users are also provided with the ease of selecting multiple answers for one question. Results are also shown and marks are specified for each question. Custom adjustments are also available.

Pros and Cons:

  • Arrange a questionnaire for your users and get leads in the backend of your WordPress website.
  • Create sliding questions (multiple choice).
  • Integration for Gravity forms to capture leads.
  • Give hints to the reader.
  • The answered question is not removed from the view and the answer can be changed.
  • Shows the accuracy of the viewer on the same time.
  • Poor/Outdated customization and appearance
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Poll, Survey, Form & Quiz Maker By OpinionStage

Poll, Survey, Form & Quiz Maker By OpinionStage
Poll, Survey, Form & Quiz Maker By OpinionStage

Not only the name is huge. Even the scope of its usefulness is huge. You can also create opinion polls, surveys and email forms along with intuitively creative quizzes on your website with the help of this plugin. Obtaining your user’s feedback/opinion is very easy in this plugin because creating and setting up the user’s flow is effortlessly the game of a noob.

Fonts and formats can be customized and personalization options are also available in the plugin. Trivia and personality quizzes are also available. This plugin is freely available only up to 10,000 pageviews.

Pros and Cons:

  • Create unlimited quizzes or polls to collect feedback.
  • Embed anywhere inside posts/pages
  • Custom placement is also there in the customization options
  • Pre-designed interactive content templates
  • Premium version offers extensively advanced features such as no ads, integrations and API support.
  • The free version of the plugin displays advertisement (in backend)
  • You can receive repeat votes and answers if you’re using the free plan of the plugin.
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Premium Quiz Plugins

For more rich features and to make your website more interesting, these premium plugins are the best. These have additional features and also influence the visitors to share on social media. These are:

EForm – WordPress Form Builder

EForm WordPress Form Builder
EForm – WordPress Form Builder

This plugin is basically a form builder and you guessed the same by its name. Quiz creation and management are its main functions. Collection of feedback, Conduct of surveys and quizzes also becomes an effortless task to do under this plugin. The premium plugin supports more than 15 creatively developed quiz elements to flaunt the way you collect feedback and interact with the user on your website. Timer and stopwatch are yet another advanced features which record the time taken to complete the quiz. The scores can be viewed on the dashboard and the visitors can view the results on their portal(if logged in). It also comes with a leaderboard which contains the top scores.

Pros and Cons:

  • Embed using shortcodes.
  • 15+ quiz elements and predesigned templates.
  • Collect payments and setup registration for premium quiz contests.
  • Collect consent based user data such as their name, email and lots more.
  • Integrate with email marketing tool you use eg. MailChimp, Aweber.
  • Top-notch security to offer so that people can trust your website and signup on your website.
  • Social sharing and leaderboard for advanced engagements.
  • Gutenberg supports for viewer and core support for register/login.
  • Stripe and payment integration.
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ViralPress Plugin

This enables you to post viral contents also with your quizzes. It makes you quiz very attractive by adding on many features like vote buttons, Meme Generator, gif reactions and also image comments. The ViralPress plugin also permits social login, share buttons, Facebook comments and is effective in attracting huge traffic. Results can also be shared with friends. Trivia, personality and MCQ based quiz formats are supported by it.

Pros and Cons:

  • Create a viral content website stuffed with quality quizzes, polls, memes and social sharing buttons .
  • Advanced listings, quizzes, polls and forms to get user’s opinion.
  • “Play Again” feature to help you out get most number of page views from a single user.
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WordPress Viral Quiz- BuzzFeed Quiz Builder

WordPress Viral Quiz BuzzFeed Quiz Builder
WordPress Viral Quiz- BuzzFeed Quiz Builder

You can use this plugin If you want to create your quizzes in the same style as BuzzFeed does. The setup and usage is effortless and also has tons of features that help you in the capturing email leads and user’s feedback/opinion. It supports trivia and personality quizzes as well along with the multiple choice questions. The plugin helps you insist the visitors share the quiz on social media before they can view their results. It also allows you to integrate Google Adsense code in quizzes and also adds the refresh browser feature. It also lets the visitors save the answers while the order of questions is set to random.

Pros and Cons:

  • Create attractive quizzes and embed in your website.
  • Create personality and trivia quizzes (both are viral content and can easily boost your website traffic).
  • You can also compel the user to give you his/her email id or share it on social media to see the final result.
  • Play again option for trivia quizzes. This totally boosts your website traffic because your user may want to share a kind of result he is looking for.
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Viral Quiz Maker Onion Buzz For WordPress

Viral Quiz Maker Onion Buzz For WordPress Plugin
Viral Quiz Maker Onion Buzz For WordPress

This WordPress quiz plugin extends its support to trivia, personality, checklist as well as flipcard quiz formats. It links the results of the quiz to content lockers, likes and shares and serves as an effective marketing tool. The interface of the plugin’s backend and frontend appearance is user-friendly, responsive and automatic. Advertising add-ons and leaderboards are also available.

Pros and Cons:

  • Add Videos/rich media into the quizzes and embed them anywhere on your website.
  • Download the free plugin, use it for some time and decide to upgrade later.
  • Lock results and offer users to unlock by social share or email option.
  • “Play Again” feature to help you out get most number of pageviews from a single user.
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Riddle WordPress Plugin

Riddle is a cloud-based third-party service where you can create quizzes and then embed on your website through a WordPress plugin. Since there is no free version available of the service(apart from the 14 days trial), it is totally white-labeled.

Along with adding quizzes, this plugin also helps you add polls and lists on your posts or pages. Images and videos can also be used on to your quiz and also editing of images is possible.

To use this plugin you need a riddle account and riddle servers. It comes with a 14-day free trial method.

Pros and Cons:

  • Used by the top companies worldwide.
  • Truly awesome plugin because you won’t lose your data as the data is not on your Hosting server.
  • It is a cloud-based service that you integrate on your website using a plugin.
  • Create unlimited quizzes and embed anywhere in your website.
  • The white label plugin/service let you use your own logo, colors on the custom landing pages.
  • Integration with mailchimp and social sharing buttons.
  • Add Videos/rich media into the quizzes.
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The above-mentioned WordPress quiz plugins will definitely help you in driving traffic to your website. These make your website and entertainment package and leads are collected in a fun manner. It enables you to make share options available and makes learning fun and easy.

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