When you’re showing off your design work the presentation needs to be as slick and creative as your composition. These business card mockups will support your designs in a clean and unique way.


US Business Cards Mockup by ItemBridge

This business card mockup is a professional way to showcase your work using a single Photoshop file. This pack has eight photo presentations along with customizable shadow, lighting, and glossy paper effects. This package will save a ton of time and simplify your presentation process by using Smart Objects to load your designs into the template.

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Ground Breaker Business Card by Construct Supply Co.

A fun and quirky touch on a business card mockup. The high-resolution photo of a binder clip holding up your business card designs creates a realistic work scene. This pack’s easy drag-and-drop format makes switching out designs a breeze.

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Rustic business card mock up by Sentimental postman

Nature can inspire some beautiful design work, so why not present some with your business cards? This Rustic Business Card Mockup is based on a high-resolution photo. Its floral feel is perfect for presenting wedding invites, business cards, calligraphy, or just your nature doodles.

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Business Cards Mockup Hands Edition by creatsy5

For those who need a hand showing off their work, this mockup offers a lot of different options. It includes 11 Photoshop files with different views of high-resolution hands holding your business card. This set also includes a variety of background colors.

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Journal & Business Card Mockups by Angelo Barrientos

These days it’s hard to find a simple picture that evokes more of the craft of creativity than the journal. Show your daily creative habits off in this wonderful mockup that puts your cards in perspective next to a classic pocket journal. With Smart Objects, adding your design will be as easy as turning the next page in your sketchbook.

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Paper Dynasty-Branding Mockups by Design Love Shop

Paper Dynasty is the perfect mockup for those who have an entire collection of business cards, brochures, and various other paper design projects. This package is great for showcasing how all of those pieces tie together. It includes 6 different paper projects, all with custom shadows and various angles to give you more control over how you present your designs. 

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Business cards. 7 PSD mockups by Egor Shkolnikov

This business card mockup template is perfect for showing your designs in a dynamic but minimalistic setting. Hyper-realistic lighting, texture, and shadows go hand in hand with creative positioning to make these 7 Photoshop files an essential toolkit to display your designs.

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Vertical Business Card Mockups WildOnes

This is another mockup that thrives on movement and minimalism. However, instead of staged photos, these Vertical Business Card Mockups put all the focus on the design. Let your work truly stand alone and shine with 3 composition options.

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Business Card Mockup Vol 1 by Honnum Graphic Art

This is the classic package that any designer should have ready to go. Simple showcasing of your potential product is the center of this mockup that includes high-quality photos and compositions all in one Photoshop document. Features like custom blur or transparent background options, along with a tutorial PDF, make it easy for beginners to present like pros.

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4 Business Card MockUps Pixtor Designs

Standard business cards have changed with the times from simple to expressive, and this business card mockup kit allows you to express your creativity with different card shapes. The package comes with standard, square cut, vertical, and rounded corners options to show your design in multiple applications.

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Louve – Scene Creator

Sometimes to sell a design idea, you have to create a whole atmosphere around the pieces — and Louve Scene Creator does just that. Louve uses high-resolution photos that allow you to play with sunlight and botanical shadows to give the illusion of a three-dimensional space. With 23 paper options and 12 shadow overlays, the combinations are virtually endless.

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2 Business Card MockUps Pixtor Designs

Sometimes all your design needs is a simple high-quality background to set it apart from the crowd, and this package focuses on just that. It comes with charming photo backgrounds that enhance the feel and give a setting to your design — all without distracting from the cards themselves. Comes with standard and square card templates.

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Elegant Business Card Mockup Graphic Dash

This sophisticated package comes with high-resolution photos of marble and black backgrounds to add a hint of luxury to your business card designs. It comes with a gold foil mask as well.

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Business Cards Mockup Graphic Dash

With an emphasis on graphics, this mockup is all about eye-catching motion. This package contains a piled card mockup that is perfect for showing off multiple colors or slight variations on the same the design.

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Square Business Card Mockup

Last but not least, those on the cutting edge of business card design will love this mockup specifically made for showing off trendy square-cut cards. This package comes with 8 Photoshop files all with adjustable background textures in high resolution.

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Any of these packages would do wonderfully at helping you present your business card designs in their best light. Share some of your favorite mockups below.


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